The Freedom Programme is now running in Shoreham, Worthing, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and Burgess Hill. Please call 01903 231069 for more information.

How we can help

Safe in Sussex

Are you or someone you know experiencing Domestic Abuse?

We have a range of services in West Sussex to help:

Refuge Accommodation

Our Refuge accommodation provides a safe place of support for women, experienced staff provide both practical and emotional support to help you rebuild a life free from abuse. Women with children are also welcomed into the refuge and our Child Support Workers provide one to one play led support to each child.  To find out more call our Helpline on 01903 231939

Work in the Community

The Freedom Programme is a 12 week rolling programme for any woman who wants to understand the reality of domestic abuse and learn about the tactics used within an abusive relationship. This is done by focusing on different personas of the Dominator (abusive person) and comparing their behaviour to that of the Friend (non-abusive person). The aim of the Freedom Programme is to help women gain self confidence to improve the quality of their lives and live free from abuse. 

The Freedom Programme is free to attend and is delivered in various locations in West Sussex to find out more email or call us  on  01903 231069  

The Recovery Toolkit runs for 12 weeks and is suitable for women who have already attended the Freedom Programme and are no longer in an abusive relationship.  Women who have experienced and lived with domestic abuse frequently tell support agencies that the hardest part of recovery is to deal with the  psychological distress caused by such abuse.  The aim of this group is to help women equip themselves to move on with their lives further build self esteem, introducing them to positive coping strategies.   For more information email or call 01903 231069

Young People

meaningful relationships

Meaningful Relationships

Meaningful Relationships is based on the Freedom Programme and is designed to be delivered to young people between the ages of 13 to 19. It is for young people who have or are experiencing domestic abuse during their lives. The aims of the group are to give young people knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse, its cause, why it happens and its effects. It enables young people to recognise abusive tatics and behaviours so they can protect themselves from potentially abusive people.  There is a referral process for this group please contact us for more details.

Educational Programmes

CRUSH Project

CRUSH is an educational programme for any young person whether or not they have experienced domestic abuse personally. CRUSH is delivered into secondary schools and sessions are adapted to school requirements. It is designed to compliment the subject matter around healthy relationships and gender bullying/stereotyping. It links well to PSHE curriculums within schools. It is suitable for both male and females and explores gender mix relationships. Sessions cover what beliefs abusive people hole, where those beliefs come from, beliefs we may share. It boosts self esteem and looks at individuals own rights and responsibilities to themselves and others.

The GREAT Project

The GREAT Project is a fun, interactive and educational healthy relationship and domestic abuse awareness programme for year five and six pupils. It is designed to compliment key stage 2 Personal, Social and Emotional Curriculum, covering topics such as healthy relationships, defining domestic abuse, reasons and excuses and respecting each other.  The GREAT Project aims to raise awareness about domestic abuse, improve access to support services. Educate to change attitudes to prevent future domestic abuse incidents. The programme is completely age appropriate.

to find out more about our programmes please email or call 01903 231069

Walk Like A Man 2016

Men we need you to step up to the challenge of taking part in our sponsored walk with a twist (not your ankle). We are asking men to participate in a short walk in women's shoes and unite together against violence to women and girls. Sadly on average 2 women are killed a week by a current or former partner, this number is too big and we need your support to enable us to continue to provide services that save lives and educate to prevent abuse.

So why not join us on Sunday 12th of June in Worthing and take a stand against violence to women and girls. To register simply click on the photograph below or email

register now
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