The Freedom Programme will be running in Worthing, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Burgess Hill, Horsham and Crawley . Please call 0330 333 7416 for more information

How we can help

Are you or someone you know experiencing Domestic Abuse?

If you are in immediate danger dial 999

National Domestic Abuse 24 hour helpline 0808 2000 247

Call us 0330 333 7416

We have a range of services in West Sussex to help:

Countywide Outreach 

Providing one to one support to people experiencing domestic abuse

Amber House Community Refuge

Providing refuge and support to local women, working with the whole family to prevent domestic abuse escalating.

Confidential Refuge Provision

Our Refuge accommodation provides a safe place of support for women, experienced staff provide both practical and emotional support to help you rebuild a life free from abuse. Women with children are also welcomed into the refuge and our Child Support Workers provide one to one play led support to each child. 

Work in the Community

Domestic Abuse Outreach Service

Safe in Sussex now delivers an outreach service providing one to one support to people experiencing domestic abuse or concerned about their relationship. The service is available in various locations across West Sussex to find out more email or call 0330 333 7416

The Freedom Programme - a 12 week rolling programme of support for women. The aims of the programme are to help women understand the belieft held by abusive people and in so doing , recognise which of these beliefs the have shared.

To show the effects of domestic abuse on children

To help women recognise potential future abusers

To help women to gain self-confidence to improve the quality of thier lives


The Recovery Toolkit- a 12 week programme empowering women who are no longer in an abusive relationhsip to overcome the psychological trauma of domestic abuse and to move toward with thier lives living free from domestic abuse

To find out more about our group work and courses please contact us for  more information email or call 0330 333 7416

Young People

Do Nothing

Educational Programmes


Our aim is to empower young people to make healthy choices around every relationship they have, whether that is friendships, parent/guardian, sibling or romantic.

We deliver lessons withing secondary schools which are interactive and fun using a variety of mediums to engage young people. Our lessons are relevant to all 3 core themes of the PSHE education programme of study:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the wider world

We are also able to offer aseemblies to whole school, year groups or chapters which aim to raise awarenes of relationship abuse, busting myths that surround it and where to access help.

GREAT logo

The GREAT Project

The GREAT Project is a fun, interactive and educational healthy relationship and domestic abuse awareness programme for year five and six pupils. It is designed to compliment key stage 2 Personal, Social and Emotional Curriculum, covering topics such as healthy relationships, defining domestic abuse, reasons and excuses and respecting each other. To find out more about our programmes please email or call 0330 333 7416

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