The Freedom Programme is now running in Worthing, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis and Burgess Hill. Please call 0330 333 7416 for more information.

Refuge Accommodation 

Safe in Sussex has three refuges that provide safe temporary accommodation for women and their children escaping domestic abuse.

With accommodation for up to 19 families, the refuges are a place where women can feel safe and be given the vital support they need, both practical and emotional. 

We help women to make informed choices about accessing permanent accommodation, returning home safely or moving to supported accommodation.  The refuges also offer information, advice, assistance accessing legal services and any other support that can help women and their children live independently. 

Children benefit from being in a secure and reassuring environment, with specialist support to help them adapt.

Many hundreds of women and their families have taken refuge with us since our first refuge opened in 1977.  The refuges offer a supported escape route from violence and abuse and the chance to seek alternatives to a life of danger, isolation and fear. 

The care and support we provide continues long after women leave the refuge.


Supporting Children

Whether they witnessed it or not, children will be affected by domestic abuse in different ways. Safe in Sussex works with the mother and her child/children to help rebuild relationships and strengthen emotional bonds.

As well as witnessing violent situations in the home, children may have been subjected to abuse themselves and they may not have told anyone about it. 

There is strong evidence to suggest that if a woman is abused, it is twice as likely that her children will experience abuse at some point. 

Our Children’s Support Service helps children to come to terms with their experiences by providing a safe, non-judgemental environment where they can express their feelings and explore coping mechanisms.  Different activities give children the opportunity to just be a child again and play without fear.

Our Children’s Worker provides play sessions and specialist support for children during their stay in the refuge, as well as information and advice for mothers, where needed, on childcare issues such as feeding, nutrition, toileting, sleeping and behaviour problems.  We can also provide information about local schools and availability of places to ensure children can continue in their education.

For more information, call our helpline on 01903 231939

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