Testimonial - 02/02/2016

Five and a half years ago I married a man that was initially wonderful. We had met on-line, he had moved from abroad to be with me. He was loving and supportive, great with my children, so helpful around the house and hard working. During our relationship he changed my world but not for the better. He gradually showed another side, a controlling, abusive, manipulative, lying, relentless and spiteful side.  He would use emotional blackmail and would use my illness which can affect my memory against me, making me feel like I was going mad. He would intentionally break things, be aggressive or silent for days, then like a flicked switch he would be loving or do something lovely like run me a bath with a candle lit bathroom. He burnt me and isolated me by moving me hundreds of miles away from my older children. He was one person when we were alone but was completely different person when other people were around.  After 4 years I couldn't take it anymore. I took my daughter and I ran.

I was referred to Safe in Sussex. When I arrived I was a broken woman, my daughter was traumatised. They not only gave me a room, a roof and space, they gave me a future when I felt there wasn't one. Both of us received support and encouragement. My daughter had one to one sessions with a Children's Worker and she was able to release her pain, I was supported and regained my confidence.  I attended the Freedom Programme and learnt about what he had done and how he had ground me down.  I gradually rebuilt myself with the help and endless support of the staff and other women I lived with. I will be eternally grateful for the help and support I received.

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